Mal Pais Costa Rica Chef and Wedding Catering Services

Menus Sushi

Sushi Menu 1

  • Sea bass sashimi with jalapeno-citrus dipping sauce
  • Tuna tartare picadillo with avocado relish & wonton crisps
  • Chili seared jumbo prawn & green mango roll
  • Grilled octopus roll with asparagus & roasted sweet pepper

Sushi Menu 2

  • Miso cured octopus with seaweed salad
  • “Hermosa roll”: yellow fin tuna rolled spicy lobster with mango ponzu
  • Wahoo roll with avocado, papaya, and black sesame
  • 5 pepper seared Ahi Tuna with dijon sauce

Sushi Menu 3 (vegetarian)

  • Miso soup with 3 Mushrooms
  • Asian style beetroot tartare with cucumber-mint relish
  • Grilled asparagus roll with roasted sweet pepper and dijon ponzu
  • “Katerpillar roll” caramelized portabello roll topped with avocado and sweet soy